Piano Lessons

I teach piano to children and adults of all levels and ages. The piano courses are adapted to the needs and goals of each student. You can study Classical Music, Jazz and Pop.

I prefer to teach a mix of styles (Unless the student wants to specialise in a particular style) that way the student has the tools to learn and understand musical theory and read sheet music but also know how to improvise and play without relying on sheet music.

I also offer the student the option to prepare for Piano exams with the English Conservatory ´´Trinity College Music London´´ https://www.trinitycollege.com/qualifications/music

This is a great way to gain official certificates. I am currently preparing some students for the online exams.

Each individual Piano lesson is 1 hour.


1 LESSON PER MONTH €35 (1 hour a month)

2 LESSONS PER MONTH €66 (2 hours a month)

3 LESSONS PER MONTH €96 (3 hour a month)

4 LESSONS PER MONTH €120 (4 hours a month)

PAYMENT – You can also pay by Revolut or Bizum – my phone number is 0034 666768999

Clases de Piano – Pack de 4 clases al mes – €120